There are currently two options….

1. Complete redevelopment of the existing campus at the Borrett Road site and ….
2. Building a new campus at another site (located at Mount Parker, Quarry Bay).

Why doesn’t the school decide which is the best of the two options and put all its energy into that one?

Whilst we may have our own personal views on which route would best benefit the community, it is essential that we explore both thoroughly as ultimately the decision as to which one we take will not be in our hands (the allocation of land resources rests with the Education Bureau in this case). Besides that there are so many pluses and minuses for both options that whose to say which is the best? People from different stakeholder groups within our community will be motivated in different ways and are bound to have different and sometimes opposing views.

We need to plan for both options with equal enthusiasm and forethought if we are not to be left disadvantaged if the Education Bureau decide we have to pursue an option that we have not prepared ourselves for.

The Mount Parker Site

The Mount Parker site has a site area around 250,000 sq.m. The site mainly consists of 3
flat platforms at levels +64.00, +68.00 and +74.00.

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