Hong Kong

Monday 9th March 2015

Teaching and Redevelopment staff visited 10 schools in the morning. Each school is either newly built or has an interesting design feature that can stimulate one’s thinking. One of the school decant sites, TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College was also available to visit.  Faculty teams have spread across those schools, so that they could get to see a number of different accommodations for their subjects. They could also investigate and compare the schools’ overall design concepts and how the various schools’ ethos and philosophies drove their detail designs.

Upon returning to the school later that day, all staff took part in 3 different sessions. They were The Decant Timetable, The Decant Guidance Structure and Learning at Island School. At the end, feedbacks, discussions and photos from staff were shared during the last session of the workshop.  For more details, please click here to view Feedback and school photos.

Monday 24th November Singapore International School

SIS on 1 Dec 2014

 view photographs of visit to Singapore International School

Friday 17th January 2014 SIS

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Thursday 5th September 2013 Kowloon Junior School

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Monday 20th February 2012

HKUST Library and Learning resource Centre

International Christian School

Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity

Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre

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