Workshop 2a: School Organizational Structure

Who – Principal, Senior Leadership Team, Curriculum Leaders / SHOH / Reps, Student / Alumni Reps, Gareth/Matt, RLP, ESF;

What – To brainstorm and agree on preferred organizational structure of the new campus;

How – Case studies of different school models. Brainstorming on organizational structure of different school models. Small group discussion on “Likes” of each model Vote for 1 (or at most 2) models for further development.

Workshop 2 (final)

View more PowerPoint from gwsis

This sessions was very useful. Anthony from RLP introduced the different concepts of school organization (see presentation above) and then we broke into smaller groups to work. It was great to be working alongside students as well as Alumni. The main question we were asked to ponder was…. Which approach to organizing a school would best serve the existing ethos of Island School?

We had 40 minutes to work in smaller groups on this and then had to give feedback to the whole group.

Group 1

Busy, physically inward looking school. Grp 1 would definitely want to keep and develop this. Need to keep teacher availability at the forefront of the thinking. Didn’t like the spine lay out. Village – liked it with a central focus area. Coffee shop. City model – numerous common areas – gives the multiple focus. Thought it was more appropriate than the village model.

Group 2

Felt the spine would compromise space. They immediately began experimenting with the idea of tessellating hexagons. The idea of commons / lobby at the entrance of each house block and then walkways spiraling up that would work as an implied spine. Outside areas surround surround each hexagonal block. Issue of light in the central piazza. Level the slope down to the zoo steps level. The whole ground floor is outdoor / pitch space. One of the student commented that not all students value house system from Yr 10 upwards. Why have house blocks? Senior common room and sixth form centre as central block?

Group 3

Not happy with fingers and spines and preferred the cluster (Village and city) arrangments.They agreed that we need to take the best elements from the existing layout.

Group 4

Discussion around many communal spaces vs one. City vs Village. Weren’t happy with spine or fingers although agreed there may be elements from them that could combine. Current layout gives sight lines and visibility. What would each redeveloped block look like if it became a village model? Would this lead to fragmentation? Need for intermediate spaces for informal learning and breakout.

Hybrid model (Village and City)

So, in conclusion, there emerged a consensus around the city concept although there was some concern that this may not provide the best way of maximizing space if we have to redevelop on the Borrett Road site.

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