Student Voice

Here we will collect and present a cross section of student views and explain the various ways that students are being involved in the process of school redevelopment.

Students Focus Group
We have been working with students from years 7 to 10 over the last year on issues to do with school design. From time to time when colleagues have been running school trips we have run sessions on school design with bigger combined groups in the school hall. From these we have a list of around 30 students who have expressed an interest in contributing to the redevelopment process. In the near future we will be holding our first meeting and calling for more volunteers. From this group we will recruit a smaller focus group whose job it will be to collect, collate and report back on the views of the wider student body.

All students in year 9 have been working on a project in Design & technology where they have been asked to redesign an area of the school. See the video above.

Year 8 Island Time Innovation Unit Website

Twelve Island School students have also participated in the Young Architect Summer Program with James Law from Cybertecture. During this program students explored ideas for the new school. Please see the Facebook page for this project here

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