Parent Involvement

We intend to encourage parents to participate in the redevelopment process. This will not only mean communicating fully about any developments, but also the eliciting and gathering of parents views and opinions. Perhaps the most valuable contributions will be made by those parents that join the ‘Parent Champion Group’.

The school is looking to set up a number of ‘champion’ groups that can represent and work with all subgroups of our community’s stakeholders. If you are a parent who is prepared to work with the school and contribute to safeguarding the interests of our students as we develop our new school then please get in touch. The parents group would be expected to go beyond merely giving their views. The idea is that they would offer expertise, be advocates for the IS parent body, pursue the interests of the school with other agencies involved in the redevelopment process and work with teachers to develop a vision for the new school.

As a school we are committed to doing all we can to make the redevelopment process as positive as possible. Our two prime aims are to ensure the best quality outcome for our students and to safeguard their entitlement to a world class education along the way. Please work with us so that together we can secure these two goals.

If you wish to commit to the responsibility of being on the parents group please email us using the address below and put “Parents’ Group” in the subject line.

On reading this website if you wish to add another question to the FAQ section please use the same email and put “FAQ” in the subject line.

Island School redevelopment Parent Briefing

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