Decant Workshop #1

On the evening of Tuesday 3rd September 2013 a group of students, parents and teachers met to explore the many challenges of decanting the school.

You will be aware that the decision has been taken to redevelop the school on the current site and so we need to plan the move of the whole school to temporary accommodation for the a period of 3-4 years. This will most probably be from 2017 – 2021.

This workshop enabled the school community to hear the views of representatives from the parent and student body on some of the factors that will influence the planning of the decant and the decisions on how to split the school. The meeting was very useful. Both students and parents were able to contribute fresh thinking. There was a real emphasis on ensuring during the decant period, we assure ongoing excellence in teaching and learning, take real measures to secure the ongoing ethos of the school and to maintain the strength of the school’s house system.

Parents with backgrounds in project management, logistics, PR and communications have offered their ongoing support to help us face the challenges of decanting. This is both reassuring and also signals a real coming together of the school’s different stakeholder groups.

As one parent said – we should treat the decant as an adventure, of course it will present major challenges, but it will also provide tremendous opportunities. Significant change is always a rich experience!

If you would like to be involved in future meetings and workshops – please email me


Please see the presentation from the evening above. In it you will be able to see the three models for decant that we explored and also the list of criteria for assessing the pros and cons for each model.

The gallery above shows some of the issues raised by the different working groups.

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