Site updates

10.1.14 Decant Planning page updated

27.1.14 Redevelopment and Contingency Planning update

27.1.14 Thomas Chow Architects present to staff

28.9.14 Study trip to EduBuild Asia Conference and two schools in Singapore

8.9.13 Photos of visit to the new Kowloon Junior School

5.9.13 Decant Parent and Student Workshop #1

21.1.13 Parent update on the Technical Viability Study

6.6.12 Sustainability workshop event added

24.4.12 Account of study tour of newly built London Academies published

28.3.12 Partner Primary School Parent Information Events Announced

26.3.12 Updates to the “Building Schools of the Future” page

21.3.12 Photographs of the newly refurbished KJS decant premises added to ‘Contingency Planning’ page

15. 3.12 Workshop 2b: School Organizational Structure

5.3.12 – BEE inc / BREEAM / LEED links under sustainability on Home page

2.3.12 – Workshop 2b Organization of the new school

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