Design Development Update

The Path

As we await final confirmation from the Education Bureau that we will be able to use the proposed Tai Wai school sites there has not been much progress since June on planning for the temporary relocation of the school. We should have news on this by mid-October and when we do this will precipitate the next intense period of planning for that aspect of the school redevelopment.

The Path 2

It has been a different matter when it comes to the development of the new school design. I was fortunate to be able to accompany the Architect team from Thomas Chow Architects to Denmark earlier this month. During a week of workshops with SHL the Danish Architects who are partnering with TCA to work up the new school design, we made significant headway in detailing a potential concept design. Whilst none of the ideas are set in stone, we are excited by the positive developments.

We are particularly excited about the emerging idea of ‘The Path’ which we see as becoming the heart of the school community. Similarly the work we have done in trying to rethink how we might design classrooms and the way they connect and interrelate looks very promising.

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