Update 16th June 2014

An Update

This update is deliberately short and covers only the main headlines. We have held many open parent meetings both at Island School and at our main feeder primary schools. All previous updates and presentations have been uploaded onto the redevelopment website which can be accessed by going to our school site www.island.edu.hk > ‘about us’ > ‘redevelopment’

  • After visiting many sites that the EDB have suggested we may use for temporary relocation during the construction period, we have viewed two that are feasible and acceptable.
  • We have informed the Education Bureau that we are interested in these two sites. Having said that we will not know for sure whether we will definitely have them until sometime in late September or early October 2014.
  • Both are in the Tai Wai area and are near to MTR stations. One to Shatin Wai, the other Tai Wai. We believe that we can make the relocation period a positive experience for students, parents and staff. Through partnership with parents and the ESF centre we are committed to making the most of this opportunity should the sites be confirmed.
  • During April we surveyed Island School parents as well as those with children in our key partner primary school. After having a professional company analyse and interpret the results we can clearly see that the main concern is around the logistics of student travel. This includes how students will get to and from the decant sites, minimising student travel between sites and safety and welfare issues regarding this journey and the potential it has to lengthen the school day.
  • A full analysis of the survey data can be seen on the redevelopment website.
  • Having visited the potential school sites several times and having travelled to and from them in a range of forms of transport, we are pleased to announce that the time to travel there or back to Pier 3 is between 20 mins (if you take a direct route by private bus or taxi) and 50 minutes (if you take public transport).
  • The ESF will back up Island School in solving the transport issues. They are considering the possibility of subsidizing the extra cost of transport from the Island to the new sites and will arrange an efficient system to get children to and from the school sites.
  • ESF will also support the refurbishment of both sites, ensuring a high quality of educational environments for all students. In many ways these will be better than the ones we currently have at Island School.
  • The parent focus group have worked very hard and effectively with the school and have really helped input to decisions and actions that have been taken. The work of this group will continue and intensify and so if you want to be involved, please be in contact.
  • After full consultation with all stakeholder groups we can now say that if the two sites are confirmed in Tai Wai we will proceed with the following model for splitting the school. School A: Years 7,8,12 and 13. School B: Years 9,10 and 11. We took this decision as it was the model favoured by the majority of parents and teachers and also because it is the best model for assuring the integrity of our curriculum and of providing the continuation of a diverse choice of courses for our students. For more information please see the full presentations of parent meetings in which these decisions were discussed.
  • Once the sites are confirmed the following activities will need to be addressed and further consultation will take place:
    • – refurbishment and improvements at the temporary schools
    • – detailed travel arrangements (timing, routes and costs)
    • – access for parents and visitors to the schools
    • – arrangements for extra curricular activities
    • – others?

The school and ESF are committed to an open and inclusive process for the decant arrangements and value the support and contributions made so far. It is expected that this consultation process will continue. Please get involved!

Appendix i:

  • Executive Summary of the analysis of the Parent Survey

Appendix ii:

  • New school redevelopment brochure


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