Open Parent Meeting Thursday 6th March 2014

The open meeting for parents went very well last Thursday. It was productive and positive, with parents contributing valuable ideas to the process of planning for contingencies whilst the new Island School is constructed.

The evening began with Billy Tam the lead consultant from Thomas Chow Architects presenting images for the company’s portfolio, explaining their approach to formulating the first concept design and outlining in detail the TCAL’s commitment to a full co-creation process. This means that all community stakeholders, including parents, will have a chance to input into the design of the new school. The presentation he used can be viewed here.

The second half of the evening was a general discussion about contingency planning issues raised in the last update to parents here. I went through the presentation below and groups of parents discussed the pros and cons of each of three models for splitting the school across two sites.

Whilst the evening was successful in many ways, it was a little disappointing to see only around 30 parents in attendance. The planning for redevelopment and decant is well underway. The decisions will be made on what sites will be used whilst the new school is built, and how to split the school between two school buildings, by the end of June and so I am very eager that parents have the chance to engage with this process and have a say in how we proceed.

If any parents are keen to support us to make the decant period as seamless and successful as possible please make a note of the following meeting dates. If you wish to become part of the parent focus group, which will work with us on more detailed planning then please let me know by email as soon as you can.

Open Parent Meetings

  • 6:30pm Wednesday 30th April
  • 6:30pm Thursday 19th June

Parent Focus Group Workshops

  • 6:30pm Monday 17th March
  • 6:30pm Monday  31st March
  • 6:30pm Monday 5th May
  • 6:30pm Monday 26th May

Parent, teacher and student decant workshop 4:30pm Wednesday 19th May

Please see these documents for fuller details of the meeting schedule and timeline for decant planning.


Gareth Stevens – Vice Principal


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