Update February 2013

Dear Parents,

As you will know we have been working hard on the Island School redevelopment project. We have been pursuing several strands to deal with the various problems and explore the opportunities related to this for the last year. The architects, Ronald Lu and partners, have completed a Technical Viability Study, which will discuss when we have a meeting on the progress of the project. This meeting will be on 21st February 2013 at 6.30pm and all parents are welcome. The ESF Board has been working on the financial issues and is taking various steps to generate capital such as Nomination Rights that were introduced last year. They have also been discussing finances for a new Island School with the government.

We know that the choice still lies between rebuilding on this site or building a new school on a different site. You may have seen some articles in the press concerning a site in which we were interested between Mount Parker and Quarry Bay. Last week we met with representatives of the Quarry Bay community and several LegCo members. As the attached statement from the Board describes, the conclusion of the discussions leaves us with the view that we are unlikely to be successful in this particular quest. We tried extremely hard to describe, what we see as the advantages to the community that our school can bring, but without clear government support for the proposal, we are unlikely to get much further.

We will now make every effort to get EDB to help more actively to find alternative solutions to the problem. We hope the Island School community will help us as much as possible in this task.  Your support has been very valuable so far and will be vital in the future.

Please find a statement from the Board of Governors of the English Schools Foundation…here.

Yours sincerely

Chris Binge

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